Friday, February 4, 2011

Tom Sawyer Lap Book

This assignment is due next Friday and will be considered a book report.

All activities listed must be included.  Design (10%), thoughtfulness (20%), creativity (10%), neatness (10%), and accuracy (50%) will all be considered in your final grade.

1. Write an alternate ending to the book before you start reading the final 2 chapters.
2. Create an original cover art for the book
3. Write a letter to Tom telling him how you are like him and not like him
4. Write a newspaper article on one major even of the book (ie: when the boys ran away and were thought dead, when Muff was on trial, When Tom and Becky were found, When the boys appeared at their own funeral, etc)
5. Include the completed puzzle activities
6. Learn about epitaphs and create an epitaph for a character in the book.
7. Vocabulary: Make a Fence shaped book including a vocabulary word with the definition on each page.
8. Main idea, main characters, setting, and  comprehension activities. (paint brushes and paint cans)
9. Treasure chest: Tom and Huck became rich but what is the true treasure the boys have? (think about what is really important in life and what we can learn about biblical concepts in the story)

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